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Boosting Alpha

Boosting Alpha B.V. designs and builds financial trading algorithms that trade fully automatically on financial markets. We use the latest technologies, artificial intelligence and both financial and non-financial (alternative) data sources.

Since mid 2018 we have started to build our own portfolio of automatic trading strategies some of which went live in 2019. We build algorithms on different asset markets like equities, indexes, forex, crypto and commodities. Our algorithms are available on online trading platforms like Collective2, RevenYou and other platforms. We are proud to develop our own trading hypotheses, we have built our own supercomputer and we employ our own trading platform for backtesting and live trading. We are targeting an average annual return of more than 60% in the long term.

We are also building on our long-term vision for what we call the Dagobert Duck Money Making Machine. This is a fully A.I.-driven financial trading machine that ingests large amounts of alternative and financial data and makes tailor-made price forecasts for tens of thousands of different financial assets. Given the complexity of this machine, this is a multi-year project.