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Welcome to B&R Beurs Eindhoven!

We are the student investment society of the University of Technology Eindhoven. Our goal is to facilitate the knowledge development on finance and investing in a fun and responsible way, to students of the TU/e and the region. Interested in our association? Join us at one of our events to get to know us in person!

We are proud to be a fast-growing association, with around 140 members of more than 10 educational departments, going into our fifth year of existence. Therefore next year will be a very special year, our first lustrum year! Next to our three core values, the DEGIRO investment competition, the academy lectures, and our leisure activities, the lustrum year will provide you with extra special activities!

If you are interested to learn more about economic developments, if you are eager to find out more about how to manage your money well, or if you want to find out whether a career in finance is something for you, our association is the place to start! You can visit one of our activities or lectures and meet us in person. See you there!