Educational Events

Academy Lectures

The B&R Beurs Eindhoven Academy aims to teach our members about investing. As we want to inform the members of our association as broad as possible, A 3-year program has been designed, in which we educate members of B&R Beurs Eindhoven on all sorts of different topics. Examples of topics are fundamental analysis, alternative investments, derivatives, corporate finance, technical analysis, and portfolio management.

To keep the program interesting and easy to follow for both new and experienced members, we have categories of events that we organize:

  • B&R Basics: lectures aimed at members with little or no experience in investing, mostly based on the investment guide.
  • Core lectures: lectures with rotating subjects every year, interesting for both experienced and new members.
  • Masterclass topics: multiple lectures that follow up on each other to go more in-depth into a certain topic, typically in collaboration with an external speaker and / or company.
  • Free space lectures: lectures on topics that are currently relevant or that members find interesting but aren’t covered in the rest of the curriculum.

If you have any question or suggestions about the Academy Committee or would like to know more about certain subjects, you can always contact the B&R Board or ask a question in the B&R chat.

Partner Lectures

Complementary to the Academy Lectures, our partner companies provide several interesting lectures each quartile. These interesting events have a wide variety of topics, from investing in precious metals, to real estate or stocks and bonds. Most events take place on the TU/e campus, but every now and then we will host a partner event at a special location.

In addition to the partner lectures, B&R hosts several in-house days every year. At these events, we visit one of our partners at their office for a fun event and network drink. These events give our members the opportunity to get an exclusive sneak peek into real companies and might lead to interesting job-, internship- or thesis opportunities.