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Investment Competition

The Investment Competition is the core activity of B&R Beurs. Members of the society collaborate in investment groups and invest with real money. Each week, return and risk ratios are calculated and reported. Volatility is calculated as standard deviation of the weekly returns. The group with the highest risk adjusted return at the end of the academic year wins the trophy.

Each group is registered as an association at the Chamber of Commerce, has a chairman and treasurer, and has its own trading bank account at De Giro. Each group is independent, and has their own rules and preferences. Certain groups accept only Dutch students, others are international. The usual contribution is between €100 and €800, but can vary up to €2.500 per person. Groups manage their own money and investments autonomously but are monitored by the board. Groups usually consist out of 5 to 15 members. They usually meet once a week or once every two weeks, and organize diverse social events for themselves, such as dinners or golf trips. This is not only a great way to learn about investing, but also to make new friends!

The competition usually starts in November and ends at the beginning of July. Members can either join an existing group or create their own investment group with like-minded members. Investment groups can participate in the Investment Competition with different investment strategies and with different levels of risk-aversion. The Investment Competition will provide you with experience and knowledge of investing that you cannot get anywhere else.

The groups

Bonum Vocatio   #1

Bonum Vocatio, always looking for new people, newer initiatives and the newest opportunities, is the oldest and most active investment group of B&R Beurs Eindhoven. At every event we are well represented wearing our famous blue & silver ties and ready for discussions, debates, contests and competitions! Since the foundation of Bonum Vocatio, we have […]

Cederes   #4

Cederes Investment Group currently consists of 8 highly-passionate members who try to achieve as much profit as possible. They invest 350 euros per person. The name of the group is the Latin word for “yield”. In last year’s competition,  the group played even. This year, they aim for the numer 1 spot in the competition. […]

F.B.B.M Investment Group   #7

F.B.B.M Investment Group is a diverse group of friends consisting of 11 members. We are an informal and accessible investment group where socializing and getting acquainted with the investment world are the cornerstones of the association. The group meets approximately once every two weeks to have a drink and to invest.

Helicopter Holding   #5

Helicopter Holding is established in 2017 and currently consist of 7 extremely-passionate members who want to learn as much as possible about stock investing. The initiative of founding a investment group was taken by three of our members that live together. The additional members got acquainted with the group, in one case, during a B&R-lecture […]

LH Investment Group   #3

LH investment group, in which LH refers to the investment strategic choices based on Long-term perspective combined with High-potential investment opportunities. In order to achieve sustainable growth on our investments we approach a variety of members in order to gain the most important asset, which we believe is human knowledge.

Societas Cerevisiae   #2

Societas Cerevisiae, formally known as the bierteam, consist of 8 members, with diversity present in almost every dimension. There are guys and girls, bachelor and master students with different educational backgrounds. We have decided to each contribute an amount of €400, leaving us with a nice €3200 to invest with.

VIX Capital   #6

VIX Capital is an investment group consisting of 8 ambitious young men that are all eager to learn more about stock investment. VIX was established in late 2017 by a small group of friends that did not want to join an already established investment group, because they firmly believed that finding things out on your […]