S&P 500


Central to all events and activities of the association is the board of B&R Beurs. The board strives to fulfill the mission of the association, to build and maintain relationships with external parties, to plan events, to keep members up to date, to manage the budget, to promote and grow the association, and to work on implementing long-term developments that help the association to become more professional. The board is selected from applications from members, and as a part-time board, strives to be a facilitating party, rather than the executive force behind actual events.

Current board

Board VII “Proficiency through Consistency”

President – Jord Adema
Secretary – Rea Moutsoziai
Treasurer – Inder de Boer
Officer of External Relations – Evi Kulker
Officer of Public Relations – Caspar Nijssen

Previous boards

Board VI – “What is comfortable is rarely profitable”

President – Shrila Sewnarain Sukul
Secretary – Constantijn Diderich
Treasurer – Luuk Rensink
Officer of External Relations – Thijs Wiarda

Board V – “Prosperity through solidarity”

President – Tim van Lijssel
Secretary – Surja Chaudhuri
Treasurer – Roemer Tissingh
Officer of External Relations – Ruben Gloudemans

Board IV – “Substantiate to proliferate”

President – Gerard Koudstaal
Secretary – Maud Nuijten
Treasurer – Bram van der Pijl
Officer of External Relations – Danny Scheffer

Board III – “Community through continuity”

President – Joep Peeters
Secretary – Bart Hermkens
Treasurer – Lyndon Hofwijks
Officer of External Relations – Winston Arts
Officer of Activities – Sascha Scholte

Board II – “Speculate to accumulate”

President – Robert van Dongen
Secretary – Roeland van Delft
Treasurer – Luc Tissingh
Officer of External Relations – Luuk Broekhaus

Board I – “Fake it till you make it”

President – Noud Erents
Secretary – Maxim Speetjens
Treasurer – Stephen Theunissen
Officer of External Relations – Martijn Klaver
Officer of Activities – Mathon Hardy