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B&R Beurs Eindhoven is established in 2016 as a student investment society, particularly for students at the TU/e. The mission of our society is to teach our members about investing and topics like global developments, politics and strategy. By organizing the B&R Academies, members of different skill levels are taught about the financial world by veteran members or guest lecturers. Their knowledge is further broadened by a number of readings, workshops, classes, guest speakers, company visits and in-house days.

Every year the society organizes an investment competition with real money. Investing takes place in investment groups, each group contains anywhere between seven and twenty-five students. At the start of our year, each new member can join an investment group that suits his/her interests the best. Throughout the year, these investment groups invest the sum of all participation fees, ranging from €100,- to €800,- per member.

We organize social activities to get to know each other, discuss the current world and enjoy ourselves. These include our drinks at the Hubble, and things like karting tournaments, beer & wine tasting, barbecues or golf clinics.

Want to know more? Visit our Information Drinks at the beginning of the academic year or simply send an e-mail to

Requests to receive a copy of the Statutes and the House Rules can be directed at the Board or found on the Members Drive.


Board IV – “Substantiate to proliferate”

President – Gerard Koudstaal
Secretary – Maud Nuijten
Treasurer – Bram van der Pijl
Officer of External Relations – Danny Scheffer

Board III – “Community through continuity”

President – Joep Peeters
Secretary – Bart Hermkens
Treasurer – Lyndon Hofwijks
Officer of External Relations – Winston Arts
Officer of Activities – Sascha Scholte

Board II – “Speculate to accumulate”

President – Robert van Dongen
Secretary – Roeland van Delft
Treasurer – Luc Tissingh
Officer of External Relations – Luuk Broekhaus

Board I – “Fake it till you make it”

President – Noud Erents
Secretary – Maxim Speetjens
Treasurer – Stephen Theunissen
Officer of External Relations – Martijn Klaver
Officer of Activities – Mathon Hardy


B&R Activities Kommittee (B.R.A.K)

Hi everybody, we would like to introduce ourselves (Gé, Frits, Ruben, Tim and Bram (board)) as the new B&R Activity Committee B.R.A.K. During the coming year, we will organize a couple of awesome activities, mainly on Wednesdays. We already have some amazing activities coming up and we hope we will see you around!

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Move Committee

The MOVE committee started this year to connect members of B&R Beurs with children from group 8 of Kindcentrum Theresia in Strijp. The children in this somewhat ‘difficult’ neighborhood receive fewer opportunities than children from other schools. That is why we, 7 enthusiastic students at the TU/e, are working together with these children to improve their neighborhood (Het Ven), with a fun and interactive project.

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Introduction Committee

The B&R Beurs Introduction Committee focuses on engaging as many students as possible with our society during the introduction weeks of the TU/e and Fontys. In order to get our society to grow, we need enthusiastic members with a passion for our society, who are willing to tell everyone they meet about us. Are you up for that challenge?

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Academy Committee

Looking to strengthen your investment knowledge? Do you enjoy teaching? Are you (semi-) comfortable speaking in front of crowds? Well, then the Academy Committee is suited for you! Members of this committee give a range of academies suited to their skill level and dedication. Do you just wanna give one lecture? Great! Do you wanna give three lectures? Even better! Together with your committee YOU decide what topics are gonna be taught and how they are being taught. We are happy to have you!

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B&R Beers Committee

As regular guests of Hubble Community Café on the Wednesday evening, we also like to organize fun activities and drinks while we’re there! With the ever growing drafters committee we like to ensure that our members are always enjoying their selves! If you have some great ideas for upcoming events, or if you like to help make each Wednesday a successful one, while also polishing your beer-drafting skills, don’t hesitate to contact the board!

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The Waakvlam

The Waakvlam is a student house located near the city center of Eindhoven. At the moment, 3 members of Helicopter Holding live in this house.

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