S&P 500

Board III – “Community through continuity”

President – Joep Peeters
Secretary – Bart Hermkens
Treasurer – Lyndon Hofwijks
Officer of External Relations – Winston Arts
Officer of Activities – Sascha Scholte

June 2018. As the 3rd candidate board, we started discussing the future of B&R and its challenges. We saw potential in enhancing the community feeling, leading to the backbone of our policy, organizing weekly events. Hence the motto: “Community through continuity”.  

After we tied our tie our board year definitely started

After a successful introduction period, with many new B&R members eager to invest, it was time to introduce the investment groups to our new members. A new B&R event was born, named the ‘find your IG event’. Each group could present themselves and recruit new members through interactive speed dating.

During the year, our investment knowledge was broadened by interesting lectures from our own members and partners. Rabobank visited us for a lecture about tradewars and the brexit. Boosting Alpha introduced B&R members into the topic of algorithmic trading. Furthermore, a lecture about entrepreneurship and startups was supported by Brightlands. Anycoin Direct provided B&R with a debate about the future of cryptocurrencies and encouraged us to find solutions for the challenges and risks in their sector, during a case night. Lastly, Evi van Lanschot organized an inspiring lecture about risk management during your student life.      

Besides being very serious from time to time, we definitely didn’t forget to enjoy the privileges of the student life! We hosted several fun activities, organised memorable drinks and handed out numerous anytimers. To name some, we had a pubquiz, whiskey tasting, poker night, christmas drink, golf shootout and the beerpong tournament. And don’t forget, our life became better in our B&R sweater.

In May we organized the first ever B&R Beurs Eindhoven members trip in Amsterdam! On Friday we visited De Nederlandsche Bank and Euronext. During the day we played our own crazy 88, resulting in many funny moments. After some good food, we went to the city center for a long and unforgettable night. On Saturday the bad weather surprised us, resulting in a cancelled canoe trip. However, the laser gaming provided a good alternative. Some of us with a heavy hangover, after some surprising hidden icy drinks (for sure not hidden by the board).

Throughout the year, we were able to host many fun but especially engaging and interactive events. This was mainly possible due to the many fruitful collaborations. Together with several Dutch student investment societies, we fought to conquer the National Investment Competition. Together with the debate association Chronos we taught our members the principles of conducting a discussion. At the end of this event several groups battled to out-word their competitors. Later in the year, we joined our sister association B&R Beurs Rotterdam for a lecture on private equity. Last but not least, a dedicated committee approached Stichting Move, a society that helps children who get less opportunities than their peers. The committee helped a group of children from Eindhoven to improve their neighborhood in a challenging but rewarding project. 

We fondly look back on the third year of B&R Beurs Eindhoven’s existence. A year in which we got to shape the society and promote both continuity and community. A subtle achievement: before handing over our board positions, we got to host one of the longest activities to date with the 9th General Assembly. The year was officially closed with the BBQ event including some beautiful pictures of the entire society. That night Bonum Vocatio got to crown themselves as the third winners of the B&R Investment competition with a return of 11.71%!

On behalf of the third board of B&R Beurs Eindhoven, 

Joep Peeters and Bart Hermkens