How can we support your goals, today and tomorrow?

We believe that mutual cooperation and partnership are the best means of reaching goals. After all, you stand stronger together than alone. Because of our faith in this cooperative concept, we maintain the following qualities in all our products and services, wherever we are active in the world. Customer Participation, long-term relationship, sustainable society and a solid basis are our four qualities of cooperative banking.

One part of the bank is Private Banking. Our Wealth Management clients will receive personalized solutions for their unique circumstances. There is a dedicated team of local specialists that works with advisors to help our clients achieve estate planning and financial goals.

In our region Oost Brabant, Eindhoven, we work with a team of more than 30 contributors. Our advisor, estate planners and investment specialists help build, maintain and transfer the wealth of clients to create customized financial and estate planning solutions that focus on the best interests.

We are proud of the connection and cooperation we have had for years with B&R Beurs Eindhoven. We exchange our knowledge and network with lectures and help them to learn about investing. That’s what we call: Growing a better World Together.

Mirjam Giesbers, Director Asset management Rabobank Oost Brabant