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Lustrum I

Last year, B&R Beurs celebrated its first lustrum. In the past 5 years, the association grew out of nothing into a wealth of knowledge and enjoyment. What will the future bring us? The Norse goddess Gullveig, or Goudrous in Dutch, shall reign over the upcoming year and guide us towards a path greater then the sum of our individual members.

Lustrum Theme

Gullveig, where Gull- means gold and -veig is associated with alcoholic drinks. Thus, our theme means serious business. According to Norse mythology, Gullveig could see the future. A future richly decorated with special activities to understand the true meaning of live. Gullveig was a very persistent goddess, she was stabbed trice, and survived all three attempts.

May the most persistent of our members survive as well!

Lustrum Conundrum

A unsorted list of past announcements and other important information.

“The 12th GA will be an exceptional ceremony, as for the Grand Lustrum Opening to commence afterwards. May we all live in Ithavoll”

~ Lustrum committee
"Lustrum colors:
Navy Blue 
B&R Gold" 

Lustrum Organization

Lustrum Committee

The most illustrious of them all, the lustrum committee will operate in complete secrecy. Our goal is to bring memories to life. Let’s show the world how incredible B&R Beurs really is!
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