Delta Scope

About the IG

At Delta Scope, we believe in changing with the times. Whether that’s changing market conditions or changing climate conditions. We believe in doing what was once deemed improbable, achieving great profit whilst keeping sustainability in mind. This was the motivation behind using the impossible triangle as our logo. 

Delta Scope is a new investment group, and we are eagerly looking for new members! 

As the group is new, you have the opportunity to become a founding member. Through this you can help create the investment group you want, meet new like-minded people, set a legacy behind and, most importantly, learn about investing alongside fellow members and friends.

You do not have to have any prior knowledge. Only an interest in learning through doing and a passion for future-proofing your investment understanding and knowledge. 

So join us in creating a new, fun and sustainably focused investment group that takes investing together to a whole new level!