S&P 500

Societas Cerevisiae

Societas Cerevisiae, formally known as the bierteam, consist of 8 members, with diversity present in almost every dimension. There are guys and girls, bachelor and master students with different educational backgrounds. We have decided to each contribute an amount of €400, leaving us with a nice €3200 to invest with.

Our strategy is to find and buy assets that have strong fundamentals but which appear to be cheap in a technical analysis. When we have acquired an asset we usually intend to keep it for a short to medium timespan. We do however closely watch its price movements and are always ready to quickly sell when we deem it necessary. Our majority-voting system allows us to maintain this agility both when buying and selling. As long as six of our eight members agree to a transaction, we can act.

As time went on we have decided to let go of our self-imposed boundary on the division between shares, funds and currencies. Due to the conditions of the market this rule prevented us from investing the majority of our money in a good way. To make sure that our money was not just sitting idle we allowed ourselves to focus more on shares at this time.

The main underlying idea in the strategy of the Bierteam is to stay flexible within certain bounds. As said, we can act quickly when an opportunity arises, but at all times we keep the bigger picture of our portfolio in mind.

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
-40.6% 0% 5.92