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LH Investment Group

LH Investment Group seeks to understand where our world is going. Through investment, and attempting to identify companies that create long term value, we aim to gain insight in what forces drive current developments, and what technologies will play a key part in what’s to come. As such, our main focus is to find companies with a long term technical advantage.

Gaining understanding in where the world is going is about learning, much more than it is about making profit, however. At LH Investment Group, we doesn’t maximize profits, we foster personal growth. We look for the longer term, even though this might not fit with short term incentives resulting from the investment competitions scope. We specialize, each choosing personal development goals and sharing what we’ve learned. We mentor, connecting experienced members to new members, accelerating knowledge transfer. We reflect, coming back to our goals and strategies, and adjusting them as we go along.

We are LH investment group, and this is how we achieve long term. high potential.

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