S&P 500

LH Investment Group

LH investment group, in which LH refers to the investment strategic choices based on Long-term perspective combined with High-potential investment opportunities. In order to achieve sustainable growth on our investments we approach a variety of members in order to gain the most important asset, which we believe is human knowledge.

Most people want to play small and lose small, but we as an investment group strongly believe in holding high-risk assets for the long-term.In order to sustain growth with our high-risk strategy, we properly define a level of diversification in riskier asset classes. Besides of the conservative markets, our investment group is also active into more volatile markets, such as cryptocurrencies. With 11 members we have a sustainable amount om members, a broad variety of different investment opinions and a great learning curve because we approach both conservative and innovative capital markets.

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
-32.35% 0% 4.16