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F.B.B.M Investment Group

F.B.B.M Investment Group is a diverse group of friends consisting of 11 members. We are an informal and accessible investment group where socializing and getting acquainted with the investment world are the cornerstones of the association. The group meets approximately once every two weeks to have a drink and to invest.

The strategy of F.B.B.M Investment Group is characterized by a plurality of facets. The main thing is to learn to get acquainted with the investment world. This means that F.B.B.M pursues a diverse portfolio, in order to meet different markets and investment aspects. In addition, the relatively low capital (EUR 300 per person) and the need for sensation does not withhold them from investing in high risk investments. The investment decisions of F.B.B.M Investment Group are primarily based on fundamental analysis and occasionally also on a technical analysis. The investments are focused on short-term returns, but there is also speculation that positions are taken that exceed the time span of the investment competition.

F.B.B.M makes investments based on investment proposals. All members can submit investment proposals which will be discussed in one of the meetings. Where opportunities in a short time window are digitally submitted as soon as possible before a decision is taken.

Overall F.B.B.M Investment Group is satisfied with her returns and strategy. However, the group aims to achieve a broader portfolio with different positions. Furthermore, the group aims to invest a larger share of their capital into in the market.

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
-2.04% 0.05% 0.01