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New people, newer initiatives and the newest opportunities. These are what describe the core values of Bonum Vocatio. Since the foundation of Bonum Vocatio, we have aimed to set up an investment group for the enthusiastic investor that is still new to the world of investing. In order to have a respectable amount of money to invest, whilst keeping the initial entrance fee at a low €300, Bonum Vocatio aims to be one of the medium/large investment groups of B&R Eindhoven. Currently, Bonum Vocatioconsists of 16 members, including 4 women, with a high diversity in range of: study background, age and experience. Also, it should be noted that Bonum Vocatio is a Dutch investment group and as such, proposals are written in Dutch and meetings are also conducted in Dutch.

We usually meet informally every other week to discuss investment proposals, market visions and points of interest. On top of that, we periodically have group dinners and formal meetings. Every investment is based on proposals, which can be submitted by any of our members. These proposals are mostly based on analysis and in special cases on completely new opportunities.

The timespan of B&R Eindhoven forces us to focus on more shorter term investments. Due to the size of our group there is a smaller, more experienced and more active core which delivers most proposals. These proposals are then voted on within 24 hours and with a minimum of votes needed for a proposal to actually pass.

Currently we are still growing our portfolio, trying to keep it green and spreading it across the market. For next year we are already evaluating our vision, group composition and strategies. All in all: Bonum Vocatio.

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
4.54% 0.7% 3.84