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Big Bear Capital

Welcome to Big Bear Capital!

We at Big Bear Capital love to invest. Not just by investing in financial assets, but also into other important facets of life such as our futures and friendships. Big Bear Capital was founded this year to provide the best environment within B&R to have a great time while learning about investing.

We have a weekly meeting to discuss investment strategy and cast a vote on our investment proposals. Having short weekly meetings gives us the opportunity to adapt our strategy to changing market conditions, offer great learning experiences, maximize our profits and stay in touch with each other.

We are looking for new members

At Big Bear Capital, we have a solid base of experienced members. For this year we are looking to give a lot of new members the opportunity to join our team.

Big Bear Capital is the best place for you, if you like the idea of doing the following things:

  • Think creatively about things you can do with money
  • Become great at analyzing companies
  • Manage risks within an investment portfolio
  • Have people with experience to discuss ideas with
  • Using the awesome opportunities that B&R provides to learn more about investing

Be aware! You do not need to know anything about investing to join us, the only requirement is that you are willing to learn.

If you want to learn more about our investment group or just want to have a chat you can reach us at:

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