S&P 500

Symposium Committee

We are busy with creating the first edition of the Investment Symposium presented by B&R Beurs Eindhoven.

As can be read in our title, this evening we will explore how the use of technology is changing how our financial world operates. The evening will consist of industry experts sharing their opinions on the impact of financial technology (or FinTech). Next to that, there will also be workshops to learn and apply some practical skills in relation to this interesting topic. And finally there will be the opportunity to talk to some of these experts while enjoying some drinks.

To learn more about the upcoming symposium be sure to check:!

  • Karsten Slakhorst – Chairman
  • Bram van der Pijl – Secretary & Treasurer
  • Roemer Tissingh – External Relations
  • Bart Hermkens – Event Coordinator
  • Sonja Babac – Promotion & Marketing
  • Danny Scheffer – Internal Relations