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Move Committee

The MOVE committee started this year to connect members of B&R Beurs with children from group 8 of Kindcentrum Theresia in Strijp. The children in this somewhat ‘difficult’ neighborhood receive fewer opportunities than children from other schools. That is why we, 7 enthusiastic students at the TU/e, are working together with these children to improve their neighborhood (Het Ven), with a fun and interactive project.

The coordinator of this project is Stichting MOVE. The story of Stichting Move started in 2007. A student committee of rowing club Orca in Utrecht was established as a connector between students, children and a housing corporation. The goal was clear: let students and children do something fun together for a ‘less fortunate neighborhood’ in Utrecht. They provided a new playground device to improve their neighborhood. In the meantime, Move has grown into a foundation that, together with students throughout the Netherlands, shows children from less fortunate neighborhoods how they can change their world.

In the meantime, we have been in contact with students from group 8 KC Theresia for some time now and we have had several thinking & doing sessions. This led to the idea of ​​placing a combination of ping-pong tables and picnic tables on the Hugoplein near their school in order to stimulate contact between the children themselves. The children came up with this idea themselves and we as a committee mainly have the task of testing the children against realism, guiding them in the process and arranging matters such as permits in the background. With this we hope that the student of KC Theresia learn that they can achieve more than they think. We also hope that they will hold some perspective on their contact with our students at the TU/e. Let’s MOVE to improve!

Members 2018-2019

Nadine van Diën
Robert van Dongen
Jari Flinterman
Laurens Jansen
Pip van Kan
Bram van der Pijl
Sascha Scholte