S&P 500

Board IV – “Substantiate to proliferate”

President – Gerard Koudstaal
Secretary – Maud Nuijten
Treasurer – Bram van der Pijl
Officer of External Relations – Danny Scheffer

Our fourth societal started strong with some of the staple activities of the B&R Eindhoven introduction period, such as the introduction lectures, which drew so many new faces to Luna 1.240 that people had to stand during the third introduction lecture. These events were followed by drinks at Hubble, the place that had quickly become our home base, cherished by many as the first place where they really got to know the association.  Another classic activity, the ‘Find your IG drink’, was once more the start of active membership for many.

This period of rapid get-to-know and bonding was extended with the investment workshop and the ‘Battle of the IG’s’, two events were IG members could, through learning and leisure, form deeper connections with their peers, and finally sword-fight with cucumbers with a valid reason.

After the longest GA in B&R history, the fourth board was ready to build upon that which had been accomplished before. With a focus on substantiation; forming more continuous and autonomous committees, improving relationships with partners and organizations, 

While our first quartile was packed with teambuilding activities, in the second quartile, members had to dust off their nicest shirts; some great partner-events were awaiting them. A group of around 20 members got to go to the office of the very hospitable Capital Mind to learn about mergers and acquisitions. IBS CA and Brightlands came by to teach us about investment strategies and the future of software in business. And, to crown it all, Rabobank invited us to a forgettable lecture on real estate investment in the PSV stadium.

Leisure wasn’t forgotten however, as BRAK also treated our members and arranged for the first visit of Pinterklaas to the B&R lecture, and the après ski party, which produced a great treasure of pictures only available to the board. We’re not putting them on the members’ drive, but we’re definitely keeping them, you might find some of the best ones in the almanak 😉

The third quartile started off in similar style; a visit to the Parklaan to visit long term partner Van Lanschot on infrastructure investment, a visit of the deputy major to discuss municipal finance and a case night by Rabobank to discuss their marketing strategy once again showed B&R’s interest in diverse events. After carnival, however, fortune shifted, as the first wave of corona cancelled a series of events, and moved the association offline.

What followed was a strange period for the association, but nonetheless an active one. After a quick break, B&R switched to offering an online panel discussion, hedging lecture, board game evening and B&R sports session. All the while the community was kept active with Bingo cards;

While it has been a shame the second part of our year was marked by an association at a distance, we still feel this period offered many moments that brought us together. Through the resourcefulness and creativity of our members, people stayed active and engaged. This creativity came together in the end of the year lifestream; a talkshow-style celebration of the association and the investment competition winner, Cederes! It won the investment competition convincingly by being the only investment group with a modest loss; -2,69%!

All things considered, we look back at an unforgettable year of the association. This year showed that our association is resilient. With proper substantiation, through its community, active members, committees and IG boards, our association can proliferate in the toughest of times.

On behalf of the 4th board of B&R Beurs Eindhoven,

Maud Nuijten and Gerard Koudstaal