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Delta Scope

Delta Scope

At Delta Scope, we believe in changing with the times. Whether that’s changing market conditions or changing climate conditions. We believe in doing what was once deemed improbable, achieving great profit whilst keeping sustainability in mind. This was the motivation behind using the impossible triangle as our logo. 

Delta Scope is a new investment group, and we are eagerly looking for new members! 

As the group is new, you have the opportunity to become a founding member. Through this you can help create the investment group you want, meet new like-minded people, set a legacy behind and, most importantly, learn about investing alongside fellow members and friends.

You do not have to have any prior knowledge. Only an interest in learning through doing and a passion for future-proofing your investment understanding and knowledge. 

So join us in creating a new, fun and sustainably focused investment group that takes investing together to a whole new level!

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5.55% 0.47% 1.36
Big Bear Capital

Big Bear Capital

Welcome to Big Bear Capital!

We at Big Bear Capital love to invest. Not just by investing in financial assets, but also into other important facets of life such as our futures and friendships. Big Bear Capital was founded this year to provide the best environment within B&R to have a great time while learning about investing.

We have a weekly meeting to discuss investment strategy and cast a vote on our investment proposals. Having short weekly meetings gives us the opportunity to adapt our strategy to changing market conditions, offer great learning experiences, maximize our profits and stay in touch with each other.

We are looking for new members

At Big Bear Capital, we have a solid base of experienced members. For this year we are looking to give a lot of new members the opportunity to join our team.

Big Bear Capital is the best place for you, if you like the idea of doing the following things:

  • Think creatively about things you can do with money
  • Become great at analyzing companies
  • Manage risks within an investment portfolio
  • Have people with experience to discuss ideas with
  • Using the awesome opportunities that B&R provides to learn more about investing

Be aware! You do not need to know anything about investing to join us, the only requirement is that you are willing to learn.

If you want to learn more about our investment group or just want to have a chat you can reach us at:

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
26.26% 1.93% 2.28

Helicopter Holding

Helicopter Holding is established in 2017 and currently consist of 8 passionate members who want to learn as much as possible about the world of investing. The initiative of founding an investment group was taken by three of our members that live together. The other members got acquainted with the group, in one case, during a B&R-lecture or because they follow the same study as one of the original three members. Helicopter Holding has been a group of friends ever since!

Helicopter Holding has members with various background, while still having similar characteristics: Ambitious and eager for knowledge. We are always looking to expand into even more different backgrounds, as different backgrounds give different insights that can be crucial to win this year’s competition!

We meet once a week during the break, to present, discuss and weigh investment proposals, visions and strategies. These decisions will be made on the basis of an elaborate set of voting rules that cover multiple scenarios. Furthermore, we aim to develop a diverse portfolio and will gradually form individual specialties.

With a capital of €350 per person we invest on the stock market in companies from different sectors. We chose for this amount since it is low enough to make HeHo accessible for new member while still accumulating a respectable amount.

Next to the serious investing activities, Helicopter Holding also prides itself in being one of the most active investment groups during B&R events. A leisure event with B&R simply isn’t complete without Helicopter Holding present!

We’d like to conclude with our credo ‘HeHo, HeHo, je krijgt het niet cadeau’

Board 2019/2020

Chairman: Lyndon Hofwijks
Treasurer: Thijs Wiarda
Secretary: Gé van Otterdijk

Board 2018/2019

Chairman: Danny Scheffer
Treasurer: Karsten Slakhorst
Secretary: Bojan Lux

Board 2017/2018

Chairman: Danny Scheffer
Treasurer: Bart Hermkens

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-0.89% -3.11% 3.64

LH Investment Group

LH Investment Group seeks to understand where our world is going. Through investment, and attempting to identify companies that create long term value, we aim to gain insight in what forces drive current developments, and what technologies will play a key part in what’s to come. As such, our main focus is to find companies with a long term technical advantage.

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21.16% -0.2% 1.23


Cederes Investment Group currently consists of 8 highly-passionate members who try to achieve as much profit as possible. They invest 350 euros per person. The name of the group is the Latin word for “yield”. In last year’s competition,  the group played even. This year, they aim for the numer 1 spot in the competition. Their investment strategy is based on growth stocks. Are you up for a challenge? Join Cederes!

Rank M2 Return ΔReturn Sigma
-0.44% 0.99% 0.99

Bonum Vocatio

Bonum Vocatio, always looking for new people, the latest initiatives and the best opportunities, is the oldest and most active investment group of B&R Beurs Eindhoven. At every event we are well represented wearing our famous blue & silver ties, ready for discussions, debates, contests and competitions! Since the foundation of Bonum Vocatio, we have aimed to set up an investment group for the enthusiastic investor that is (first and foremost) looking to learn a lot from his or her membership, but also wants have fun outside of the regular B&R events with our very own Bonum activities. Some of those include our legendary Bonum day, Bonum dinners, Bonum Sinterkerst&Nieuw and many more. 

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12.79% -0.04% 3.06

F.B.B.M Investment Group

F.B.B.M Investment Group is a diverse group of friends consisting of 11 members. We are an informal and accessible investment group where socializing and getting acquainted with the investment world are the cornerstones of the association. The group meets approximately once every two weeks to have a drink and to invest.

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16.24% -1.15% 4.2

Societas Cerevisiae

Societas Cerevisiae, formally known as the bierteam, consist of 8 members, with diversity present in almost every dimension. There are guys and girls, bachelor and master students with different educational backgrounds. We have decided to each contribute an amount of €400, leaving us with a nice €3200 to invest with.

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-36.44% -0.02% 6.79