S&P 500

Lustrum Summer Party

3 July 2021 - 16:00, Hubble Community Café

We’re finally able to party again! The Lustrum Committee of B&R Beurs proudly presents you one of the very first parties able to continue. Together with you and everyone else, we will enjoy an extensive line-up (including Gebroeders Scooter!) of DJ’s on the TU/e campus, all while able to dance, drink en party together! Get your tickets here!

Open for all students. Please note that we adhere to the corona measures, therefore COVID-19 proof of testing is required. This does not cost anything for you. Find more information here: In case you test positive, we will refund your ticket (proof has to be given). If you do not have a valid proof of testing, entrance to the party will be denied. Also, note that in case of major regulatory problems outside our control, we might be forced to postpone the party. Your ticket will remain valid then as well.