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Academy: Brightlands & Nestegg Biotech BV

15 May 2019 - 17:00, Hubble Community Cafe (17:00) and Metaforum 6 (18:30)

For an introduction into start-ups and their market environment Brightlands and Nestegg Biotech B.V. will join us this evening!

During the evening Brightlands will explain how the organization supports start-ups, what the development of a business process from concept to an actual company looks like. Most importantly they will teach us about primary risks for start-ups in the market.

In addition, Nestegg Biotech B.V. will explain how the career path of their CEO started, what this path looks like from an entrepreneurial perspective. The CEO will explain the process of investing in a starting business, via which way this would be possible and how an investment will be able to yield returns.